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May 31, 2010

Highway musings

As we were driving home on I-35 this afternoon, I spotted a few gas stations/convenience stores along the way. One of them was called “Sac-N-Pac” and the other, a few miles further, was “Pac-N-Sac”. For some unknown reason, these names irritate THE HELL OUT OF ME.

What do they mean?
Do you buy stuff that the cashier packs in a sack for you?
Or do you bring your own recycled sack into the store so that the cashier can pack your stuff in it?
Do you Pac or do you Sac first?

There is no end to the questions.

Other moronic brand names, since we’re at it:

  • Saks (the high end version of the Sac-N-Pac)
  • Pocari Sweat (WTH Japan?)
  • Teenflo (menstrual relief? no. Canadian fashion)
  • The North Face (an open invitation for “The South Butt“)
  • Gerber (in French, “gerber” is slang for regurgitation)

Feel free to add to my list.