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May 10, 2010

Kontain your excitement

Facebook not working for you? Find Twitter status updates limiting? Kontain was created to offer people a way to tell their story visually.

“Choose a photo or video from your PC or mobile device and quickly broadcast it to your friends and the world on a simple platform — it’s the new way for people to connect and share their life. (…) Kontain was founded on the belief in the power of visual updates. We love social media but we were frustrated by all the noise on existing networks, and wanted to watch instead of just read about all the things our friends and family were doing.”

Two things bother me here:

  1. People can already do all these things on Facebook – there’s hardly anything revolutionary about the Kontain concept. Even if the platform is better suited for sharing videos and photos, I doubt people will stop posting to Facebook where their networks are already established and where they can tag each other. I used to be a heavy Flickr user until I realized I could reach more people I cared about on Facebook.
  2. What’s with the name? “Kontain”? If the tool is social and all about sharing, why try to “contain” it?

I usually love signing up for any new communication tool I can find on the internet but I didn’t create a username for Kontain. I was just too put off by the constricting name. Communication is about outreach and expansion. Not about containment.

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