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February 4, 2011

Kenneth Cole Tweets

The end of the era I foretold a few posts ago isn’t here yet. And the past day has been a momentous one in Twitter affairs (Noam Chomsky won’t mind me borrowing his sentence).

It all started with the following remark tweeted by Kenneth Cole, the clothing retailer:

Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online at

There was some uproar indeed but it came from the online community who was outraged by this callous tweet. Kenneth Cole was blamed for making light of a serious situation, exploiting current events and hijacking the #Cairo hash-tag, used to group Egypt-relevant tweets.

Kenneth Cole responded by deleting the tweet (bad move!) and publishing an apology on his Facebook page (smart move). I’m against deleting tweets because by the time one realizes they should be removed, they’ve already been re-tweeted by a bunch of people and, as such, will always remain on record anyway. This makes the deletion of tweets appear like an attempt to conceal things.

Lo and behold, a newcomer enters the Twitter scene less than an hour later. Behold KennethColePR – the impersonation account – and the following zingers:

Parents of Hiroshima — you’ll melt when you see our new kids collection! #KennethColeTweets

People of Australia: Water up to your ankles? We’ve got your Kenneth Cole capris right here! #KennethColeTweets

(there’s more where these came from.)

April 23, 2010

True blue, Baby I love you

So I received a $25 dollar credit from JetBlue today. That was a nice surprise.

My flight back from New York was delayed due to a leaky engine and we had to switch planes. I was so annoyed with the passenger sitting next to me, who was smacking his chewing gum VERY NOISILY, that I really didn’t mind getting away from him for a bit to get to the new vessel. Our flight took off an hour and a half later than scheduled.

This is the first time I receive any type of apologetic compensation from a company and I’m very impressed. I am also a very impressionable person, so this may not say much. I know JetBlue was in the middle of a big PR mess a couple of years ago because passengers were stuck on their planes for hours on the tarmac, but I feel more animosity toward the other airlines who, unlike JetBlue, make us pay for checked luggage and don’t feed us on domestic flights.

$25 is probably not enough to elicit the strong feelings of LOVE I currently have for this brand, and I’ll go straight to the cheesy stuff: it’s the thought that counts. See, I didn’t really care that my flight was delayed but the fact that JetBlue did makes my heart go pitter-patter.

“We’re sorry that you did not experience the high standard of service we aim to provide every JetBlue customer. Please accept our sincere apologies and this flight credit for the inconvenience you recently experienced with us.”

Isn’t that POETRY?

I work for a Texas state agency and wonder how we could emulate some of this without spending  taxpayer money. I can’t tell if the secret is in the tone of voice (it sounds so sincere!) or in reaching out to customers before they even think of complaining. Food for thought.