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May 23, 2010


I’m currently doing the same thing I do every week: writing a blog post for my boss to share important division news with staff.

A coworker handed this to me the other day; she thought it had my name all over it.

Things are a little bit different this week because my boss’ last day in the office was last Friday; she’s moved to lead another State agency division. So I am now writing in the name of her deputy director, the man who will carry her duties forward. After writing in her voice for over a year and a half, I’m going to have to rethink a lot of things.

  • On one hand, I want to ensure staff keep getting the news they grew accustomed to; and want to deliver them in a tone that’s somewhat familiar.
  • On the other hand, I also want staff to realize we have someone new at the helm of the ship. This is going to be a fun one.

My boss was very direct and casual in speech, so I could get away with a lot of things. Her successor is more formal. The challenge will be to convey more formality while keeping the blog light enough to be enjoyed by the readers. “Formal blog” is an oxymoron and blogging is all about shrinking the barriers between people and information. Language shouldn’t get in the way.

So maybe I could continue to write with a somewhat similar style, while inserting a few fancy words here and there. I’ve already replaced “Hello” with “Greetings”. And used the word “bestowed”.
This is going to be a long day.