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April 25, 2012

Bib Communication


Long time no post! I return with a vengeance… And a baby.

While the challenges of new motherhood have been more physical than intellectual so far, my mind has been perplexed (and perhaps fixated) by one particular thing: the asinine stuff written on bibs.



Most of what is written on bibs follows the same variation: “I love XYZ”. I’ve seen bibs professing the baby’s love for his or her parents, relatives, places and things. I’m having a very hard time buying any of these because who am I to speak on my baby’s behalf and pretend to know who or what she loves?

Does she love me? Does she love her daddy? Her grandparents, aunts and uncles? Only she knows.

Does she love Paris or New York? How could she? She has never left Austin TX.

Does she love cupcakes? SHE DOESN’T EVEN EAT SOLIDS YET. This “I heart cupcakes” bib came with an adorable newborn pajama set my mom got her. While I very much enjoy looking at her wearing an outfit covered in cupcake print (because she looks as sweet as a cupcake), I have yet to make her wear that silly bib.


The only bibs I’ve been comfortable letting her wear are the ones with no words on them or the ones that say “XYZ loves me” because that’s the truth and these people (me included) are old enough to own up to their feelings.



Am I under thinking this existential issue? Or does this mean it is high time for my maternity leave to end so I can go back to work?

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