Putting the Levant in Relevant since 1979.

Raised in France, let loose on Guadalupe.

Traveled halfway across the world and earned two Master’s degrees to fulfill my lifelong dream of working for Texas state government.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. Knowing how much you loved Flee Foxes (how did you like the new one by the way?), I have a sneaky feeling you will love High Highs, a folk band from NY. They offer their songs free for download. I liked them a lot:


  2. Wow. Thank you Ameen for introducing me to the High Highs. I listened to “Horses” and adored it. Thank you thank you thank you! Will look for more of their stuff.

    I haven’t heard the new Fleet Foxes yet… out here on May 3rd. I’m sure there are online leaks but I haven’t been proactively looking for them (bad fan, bad fan!)

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